Sunday, February 28, 2010

At Home in School!

Wow! finished my first full week of school since the second week in January! I started the Creative Every Day posts because I was doing a lot of blog surfing while home during the snow days. Now that school is back in swing you can see my posts have become fewer. I was also doing a little reflecting on the Home theme. I didn't create a specific Home themed art but I have realized how "at home" I am in the classroom and how much I missed being with and creating with my students over the extended snow days. My students are finishing up with the projects they began so long ago and starting the next round - it is exciting for me to prepare and present these new lessons. It is going to be another busy week - and I wouldn't have it any other way.
Here are a few more of my students illuminated letters!

Monday, February 22, 2010


I have been researching and planning a lesson on illuminated manuscript lettering since last year. This year I finally dove in and taught it to my 5th graders. First I showed them this presentation by Amy Bruce an art teacher in Fairfax County. I really liked how it went over the history and the many roles artists had as trades people in the Middle Ages. I have a reproduction of the Book of Kells which I showed them some examples of celtic knot work and how creatures were entertwined into the letters.

I had a packet ready for them with handouts I got from The Incredible Art Department site. You can find them here. I also included a few enlarged fonts (Cloister, Storybook, Unicorn and Calligrapher) to help them get started. They sketched their letter and added the decoration in pencil. Then they used watercolor pencils and metallic paint. For a nice finished look they used Sharpies and Le Pen markers to complete. Today was the first class finished. I am looking forward to what the next 3 classes have in store. I also made a point to finish my sample. Many times once the kids are on the right track my sample gets put away with the lesson. Here is my sample and a few of the kids work:

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Suessical Sunday

I brought the set designs for the upcoming 2nd grade Suessical performance at my school home with me this weekend. We had so many snow days I did not get a chance to work on them. I wish I had had them over the snow days - they would be done by now! I am working on all the flat color areas and will then go back in with black. I did the first one with brush and black paint but I may need to switch to marker for speed...

I enlarged the images onto bulletin board paper with my elmo and LCD projector. It isn't taking the paint too well since it is so thin - oh well note for next time. Hopefully they will laminate ok and can be used again. The library has already requested one for Read Across America which celebrates Dr. Suess's birthday the first week in March.
I also persoanlized the Young Guns sock monkey with the lucky winner's name and number and the 'YG' on the hat. It gets delivered today at practice.

Friday, February 19, 2010

TGI Creative Friday!

I have started the project I talked about earlier - I think this would be a great lesson for middle/high school kids intrested in fashion. It reminds me of the ole skool fashion plates my sister and I had when we were little! Remember these:
Using an ad from a magazine I traced the different parts of the outfit and am cutting the shape out of different textures and patterns. Here is what I have so far:

I think it will look pretty interesting. I am excited about what new ideas will come from it!
We are FINALLY back at school in Fauquier County, Virginia. Students have gone to school 3 days in the entire month of February - all three being 2 hour delayed openings. So now that we are finally back I have to reteach what we were working on!! First grade had finished glazing their pinch pots and I did manage to turn the kiln on the last time we were at school. I had the pleasure of unloading all these beautiful little treasures this week.
Here is what I found on my sample pots! I am going to have to open an ETSY shop soon to sell off all my lesson samples! 1st grade glazed and Kindergarten used fun neon paints:

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

In the Works...

I am in the process of implementing an idea that has been floating around in my head for awhile. I think I saw it in an art education magazine. So I have cut out an Armani ad from Harper's Bazaar mag and have collected a lot of textures with a red theme. (still have valentine's on the brain) I will be working on implementing it for the next few days. I actually get to go back to work tomorrow - schools are opening 2 hours late - which  means I will have 30 minute speed classes! Hope I can remember a few names! It has been too long! I am not good without a schedule, I look forward to getting back into one - of course they are calling for more snow next week. I will post a few pictures of the snow aftermath.

The big blanket of snow that slid off the back of the mustang.

The stop sign at Riley Road and Rt 29 - almost covered up

After 2 huge storms it snowed about half an inch to put a nice fresh coat on everything. This is the dog's ball in the driveway.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Crocheting Away!

Since my Godmother passed away in November I have been inspired to revisit the wonderful craft she taught me so many years ago! I made several Xmas gifts and am still crocheting along. Here are a few of my latest creations.
The red & black scarf in my son's baseball team colors - tournaments start early (if the snow ever melts). And a Young Guns Sock Monkey with just earned the team $65 at the silent auction!! The other sock monkey was for my niece Bella and the giraffe for my niece Qwynn.

Inspired today!

I was inspired today by several blogs I was surfing! But especially Daisy Yellow. First I saw this little Faerie House and thought what a great clay project that would be great for my students.

I also enjoyed looking at her mandalas and doodles. I made some notes about what I want to teaching in my next 2D elective class. I don't think the one that just ended was as successful as it could have been. I want to concentrate more on experimental journalling rather than traditional drawing because I think the students will have more personal growth that way.

Here We Go!

ok gonna be startin something! wish I had this inspiration earlier in the snowstorm - will probably have to go back to work tomorrow. I have begun this blog to post my Creative Everyday creations. I have always needed an assignment to get motivated so here goes. Missed a month and a half but better late than never, right?
Most of my creativity comes in the form of how and what I am going to teach my students. I teach PreK through 5th grade. I am hoping this challenge will help me create more personal work.