Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Teacher Appreciation Week

You gotta love Teacher Appreciation Week! Our PTO is awesome and arranges breakfast everyday, a luncheon on Thursday (including volunteers to cover our classes) and goodie bags! Each day of the week the students were to bring us flowers, thank you notes, a small school supply and summer fun items. So I had to share a few of the great notes I got!

From a 3rd grader - it has words in each petal that reads:

Dear Mrs. Burke Thank you for helping us with art - you are so creative you teach us to be creative like you, but that won't happen because you are the most creative that's why they chose you to be the art teacher at Greenville. Thank you so much.

This one from a 4th grader did me in - Got me chocked up!

From a 1st grader! I love how she has the kids sitting on their stools around the table.

From one of my quiet 3rd grade girls ~ click on this to enlarge - it is hilareous!- my favorite is 2. You still have all you hair, even with us lunatics in your class.