Wednesday, March 2, 2011

What... What did you say??

I have been fighting off the usual change of season crud which has resulted in a long bout of laryngitis. It makes it pretty interesting for someone whose job it is to talk all day. We had last Monday off then a rather odd 'snow day' on Tuesday so I was getting some good rest - but when we went back to school on Wednesday, by lunchtime I was getting scratchy and by the end of the day any sign of my voice was gone!
Thurday came and I got a sub after my first class and stayed around to take yearbook photos while the sub took my classes. It was great because I could be there to make sure she was doing what I needed without leaving 'sub' plans. She was still basically keeping me on schedule with what I would have been doing with my classses. Since I see every grade each day she was now well trained to take my Friday too so I stayed home.
So I whispered my way through the weekend and Monday was still horse. Here it is Tuesday and still not back to normal.

I have however learned some interesting management techniques to try to save my voice. Like:
  • >Writing out the steps on the board - which I usually do, but have the students read them.
  • >List out clean up jobs and assign students to be in charge. (seems really DUH! as I write it but I am usually barking out orders at clean up time - this runs so much smoother!)
  • >Had students take turns reading Camille and the Sunflowers to intro 2nd grades sunflower paintings.
  • >Gave myself persmission to show an art video (the I Can Fly Kids & Creativity series) while I saved my voice and prepped materials for upcoming classes.
  • >Show colored tounge depressors to call table colors for dissmissal.
It was just enough of a change in the norm to force me to find some new ways of doing things.

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