Wednesday, August 24, 2011

New School Year!

Fauquier County started school this past Monday. I wanted to share some pics of my new room set up. I am starting year four so I plan on mixing things up a bit this year. You can see how it was last year from this post.
I also borrowed the Wild About Art Theme from Phyl over at There's a Dragon in my Art Room.
Here is the sign outside my door:

I put my tables in a new configuration and labeled them differently:

Here is the view from the front - Tables are angled and seat labels are on the side corner. I also added a set up table behind my AV cart.
Here is a view of the front - my cool four paneled white board. I added the vines and stuffed animals. And I cheated and purchased the monkey themed cut outs. I always feel pressured to create all my posters by hand - but I decided to spend my time on other things! Mostly because I won't ever get to them on my to-do list!

Here is what the students see when in line to leave:

The chart is where I record what each classes' score was for art - 1-5. All of the specials use this - the class is expected to get a 3 they earn a 4 or 5or they lose points for a 2 or a 1.
The big pencil says Always write your name and code. The schedule is posted next to the clock - not sure how I never thought of this before. I needed something where I could glance and see how much time we had til cleanup - this is working well.
Here is my color board - it is actually the same as last year - I just added the Wild for Color sign:

I divided this board in half - still not sure what it will be. I am thinking a Featured Artists board and a critiquing wall where students can put their work in the middle and it will have questions in bubbles all around it to help them decide if they are done or not. 

Today we had off for some Earthquake damage assessment. Yes I am in Northern Virginia and we definitely felt the quake. I had third grade at the time and they all stopped and said - what is that? It was my first earthquake so I didn't really know! I said oh must be a big truck or a helicopter going by! And I just kept on teaching until the principal came on the announcements. Very strange!! Nice to have a little breather to ease back into the school week!

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Dale Parker said...

Love your room arrangement. My first day is tomorrow, Thurs. I also want to change things a bit and have thought of writing a blog about my classes, what I do, what the kids do... I'm asking a few teachers if they got permission from their school or district to blog or did you just begin? I would like my students and their parents to read as I think it could be educational to learn that I don't teach just coloring. Appreciate any input.

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