Saturday, January 28, 2012

Pinterest Ideas Post 2

I found this little gem from MaryMaking. It fit perfectly for a National Heritage Week we were having at school. So for each grade level I chose a different culture or country to base my lesson. 3rd grade went to Egypt.
I started by taking each student's photo in profile against my projector screen and printed them out in Black & White.

I showed this video - up until about 6:30 - which was almost a bit long for them but I like to show the part about the grid - and they love the beginning where the narrator gets distorted like the way Egyptians depicted the body.

Here are some of my favorites: We made them with chalk pastels and added our name in hieroglyphics too!

Link to the Artsonia Gallery...

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Cassie Stephens said...

Ah!! Don't you love pinterest! I did this very same lesson...and loved it. I'm just now finding your blog, it's great...thank you for the lesson ideas! Okay, I'm off to read some more and add you to my blog roll!

DOLORES said...

The Egyptian You Tube was awesome! I would show it to high school even. I can see how little ones though would get tired of it by the 6th minute. But the beginning really gives an understanding of what the figure actually is.

Anonymous said...

This is absolutely amazing! I teach high school in Maryland but this project could be adjusted to the high school level so easily. I love it!

Rifan Asri said...
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