Saturday, April 24, 2010

I still do...

Haven't seen me here in a long while - time to catch up! First I had an anniversary. My husband and I celebrated being married for 15 years on April 8th, 2010.

He sent the most beautiful flower arrangement to my school. Here is a pic of it in my very messy corner of the art room - yes that is my desk under there somewhere.
They were delivered on Thursday so I left them at school to enjoy them all day on Friday too. I took them home for the weekend where they have brightened the counter ever since. I will be tossing them out today! I think it is the most gorgeous longest lasting bouquet I have ever received. Each day new lilies would open with a bright red and a strong fragrance. I did one day where I took everything out and rearranged it and it looked like a brand new purchase!

These stargazer lilies are the same as the ones in my weeding flowers. These close ups where taken 9 days later! This bouquet lasted a solid 2 weeks! Amazing...

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