Monday, August 23, 2010

First Day of School!

Survived my first day of school today. Except for bus call taking 45 minutes all went well! The rest of the week should be smooth sailin' as I will do what I did today 4 more times. By the end of the week I will really be saying, "did I tell you that already?" or "Did I tell you about this yet?" Oh well! They will tell me the truth! I loved seeing all my old pals and meeting some new friends. The ones growing up and losing their baby faces and all of last year's 1st graders now have front teeth!

My baby boy is in FIFTH grade this year. He is a patrol! (most of the teacher's kids are since they get to school early anyway!) Here he is at his post. He also got to be the first one to start the school in the pledge over the PA this morning.

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Phyl said...

Cute boy! I don't think any schools around here have students as patrols. It would probably be a good idea!

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