Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Getting Close...

to school starting again. It is hard to believe this will be my third year at Greenville! I am starting to get the hang of this being off in the summers again. Last year I felt a bit unproductive. This year I made lists and I had this blog to keep me honest :-) At least it helped me to feel like I was getting somewhere and doing something. This week I will be staying close to home - been taking care of drs appointments, organizing files and just wrapping my head around another great year of teaching ART to K - 5th graders.
Experimenting with dinner - need to add a few more to my list, my boys are getting tired of steak, spaghetti and breaded chicken breasts. Here is the Rachael Ray recipe I made for dinner. No leftovers and my son said "This is the fanciest dinner you've ever made, mom." I'd call that a success.
Back to curriculum ~ I made a list of what I taught by grade and attached the standards to see what I might need to add. I also listed what I taught last year but did not get to this year (mostly because of so many SNOW DAYS!) I also have my inventory lists and what I need to order. I have kind of shot myself in the foot by being good at fundraising! My principal brags that I am 'self-supporting' so with all the budget cuts I will not be getting any money from the school this year. I have to use all the money I raised. I do very well with a magnet fundraiser where items arrive in time for the holidays - it also helps that I teach in a rather affluent part of the county. I also make a pretty good sum from Artsonia. Here was my procrastination drawing on my folder.
I am working on an inventory spreadsheet to make this easier in the future. To quickly see how much I used for the year and what I need to order for the next.
All my files are organized in boxes ready to go back to school and slip into the file cabinet. I still have a couple 'not sure' piles - slowly working through them. I am proud of myself for not stressing over having the folder tabs alternate and having everything color coded - that is a big step for me... letting things like that go. It is organized and it serves the purpose - I am not getting graded on it... am I? So here are the three sections:
The files I keep in my desk divided into the following categories: My Art Program, County Art Program, School/County Admin, Previous Planning Books
Then the student handouts which I recently laminated and hole punched. (see this  blog entry) This is anything the students will use as a reference or complete.

Then I have all the lesson plan ideas I have been collecting. I organized those by subject:
Hopefully this will help someone either become more organized or give them permission to use *gasp* different colored folders and *gasp* handwritten titles. I know I need help! Maybe I should just set it all on fire (CED theme of the month!)!
Well this short little update turned into a novel as usual. Enjoy the last week of summer!

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