Monday, January 3, 2011

Welcome back ~ Happy 2011

One of my resolutions is to blog more often! So for day 1 at least I am sticking to it. Today was my first day back and I am proud to say I did everything on my list which included starting new lessons, dropping my son at Tae Kwon Do and going grocery shopping and making dinner. So far so good! Usually I wimp out and put things off as long as possible.
For Kindergarten I ease back in with a simple crayon drawing lesson where we talk about drawing from memory. They get a chance to tell me what they did over break and what they got for Christmas, because they will tell me whether I want them to or not! I wish I was able to record some of what they shared with me when I went around and asked them to tell me about their drawings... hmmm I could record it on my camera. Perhaps I will try that with the next class, record the student telling about their picture and I could post it as their artist statement on Artsonia. See this has paid off already in a great idea.
Here are a few of the gems from my Kinders today.

Lee said he opened his present then went to hug mom and dad to thank them for getting him what he wanted.

This is Sophia playing outside with her American Girl Doll.

Morgan got to stay up until MIDNIGHT and watch the ball drop.

Ca'naan said this is the mess that was on the floor when everyone opened their presents. I helped him count how many people were opening... He has four brothers, and a twin sister and a mom and dad - that's seven!!

Welcome back everyone!
I hope the kids wonder and excitement is contagious!

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Phyl said...

Kindergarten drawings always make me smile. Thanks! :-)

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