Wednesday, December 29, 2010

New Year's Clean Up

Or a better title: The new fire marshall will be visiting mid January. I am one of the lucky ones that my room was actually designed as an ART ROOM. I know a lot of teachers who make do with a regular classroom or a room designed as a science lab or dare I say it - no room at all.

from the door looking in

I went in to school today to have some uninterrupted time to organize my storage room. I have been just collecting donations, getting in orders, throwing things in and closing the door real quick! Doing a good organization is not something you can do with a 15 minute break here or a half hour planning time there. It has to be an all out dump it out and put it back neatly. I think I got somewhere in between, something I won't be embarrassed to show to someone. There are also some gems I found that I need to come up with some good ideas on how to use.

in looking towards the door

Here is a before pic - wish I got a better shot of the floor but I couldn't get back far enough!

I already know I am a hoarder and being an art teacher has made it worse. "oh, I could use that in such and such lesson"... But what I found in this clean up is that I have not thrown away a box that has come into my room since the school opened 3 years ago! I just love boxes in all sizes and shapes - they were filling up at least 3 large shelves. Now that I have more actual art supplies it was time to say goodbye to several boxes!
I started by getting some of the boxes out of the way and out into the classroom

A whole useful shelf filled with empty boxes

Some of the good ones put back for use "someday" Notice the little sample paint jars - great donation - I think I might 'steal' the little shelf in our adult bathroom and have some students artsyfy it!!
Between donations and supplies I have purchased I have some gems I need to create lessons for...

I have 700 of these! Wish they were not divided.
Lots of coffee filters - Want to do a Chihuly lesson with these
cone water cups

200 of these plastic lined paper pillow cases - clinic miss ordered these. I am seeing some kind of watercolor, spray bottle mess with these!

miracle sponges - stamping adinkra? ... stamping on the pillow cases!!!

Magnet tape! 
Our custodians are awesome and they have brought me extra shelves so I can divide up the huge ones to make shallow ones for large paper storage and notice I have crayon, pencil, marker boxes on one.
  And the finished results! It makes me breathe a little *sigh* of relief. ahhhh
WOW - there is a floor in there!


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Phyl said...

I have a storage closet like yours, except we've been in the building 11 years, so you an imagine what I've got in there...

A couple of ideas for you:
Those divided trays look GREAT to me, for something like sponge painting or stamping where you want several colors available for each table, and only want a shallow pool of paint, for dipping/stamping. Or you can use them for dividing colors of beads, or paper scraps for mosaics, etc.

As for the cardboard boxes, I use the cardboard for two favorite annual projects, one coming later this winter and the other in early spring. I will post both when they happen. For both of these projects (a 1st grade abstract sculpture and 2nd grade teddy bear chairs) I cut up the cardboard from all the shipping/packing boxes. For the teddy bear chairs, I use 7" squares for seats and backs, so 2 pieces per child, and for the sculptures, I use 4x6" base for each child and lots of random abstract shapes. Cut the sides off your boxes and store the flat pieces till you need them!

Marcia said...

I'm so jealous of all your closet space! so neat!

Nancie Kay said...

WOW! What an improvement - I'm headed in to my room tomorrow to work on my kiln storage room. I need to start ceramics but am afraid I'll set the room on fire. Congratulations on a job well done - I know how hard it is to part with boxes. Here's a blog of mine detailing my love of boxes:
I can only hope that my room will look as good as yours. Once I finish the kiln room I need to start on my OTHER storage room before our fire marshal walks in...Wish me luck!

theartofeducation said...

You go girl! Way to organize- I am loving it.
Because I do not have a store room, I just don't have as much stuff. Blessing and a burden, I suppose! You will feel so good starting the new year off this way!
Jessica Balsley

Fine Lines said...

OH MY GOODNESS!!!!! What a great job you did -- you're going to love walking into that storeroom each day!! Wish I had a storage room like that where you can actually see everything that you have!! Happy New Year!

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