Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Holiday Party/Construction Zone

There is much construction going on at my house. Why, you might ask? Because my husband wanted to host my school's holiday party. Great idea, yes let's have all my coworkers and their spouses over for some holiday cheer. It got my husband motivated to finish the bar he was working on in the basement. GREAT! looks wonderful. But now the madness has moved on to the main level of the house. We have one of those front living rooms - you know the one nobody goes in? Well it was storage for a long time. Now that my husband needed room for the band to practice (that is a whole other post) all the furniture got moved into the formal living room. Great - so let's make it look like a real room - get a throw rug - hang some pictures and put up some curtains.
So what is madness about this you say? My husband is now painting and putting up crown molding in the two story foyer. Today is Wednesday - the party is Saturday - THIS SATURDAY.
Here is the basement and the bar. We are going to decorate by framing our old vinyl LPs. Micheal's had the frames on sale for 4.99! 

The one project I wanted to get done was a photo gallery wall. So I went and collected all the frames I had and most already had good photos. I had to decide what time frame - so I decided it would be before our son and our parents, siblings and grandparents. I think it turned out great. Here is a before picture. This one is very early in the process ~ still selecting pics...
Tape marking where to start... The dogs have been enjoying the new carpet.

Here are some pics of the process...
 Laying it out on the floor on brown craft paper:
Taped the paper to the wall and hammered in all the nails:
 Lined everything up on the paper:
 Took it all down and removed the paper and re-hung the pics.
 Now I am waiting for the hubby to hang the curtain rods and tie backs - I was told I could not have the drill :-)
Here is a bit of the action in the foyer ~ thanks to our great friends/neighbors for the extra hands!

Notice the holiday decor already up? Why would I put this up in the middle of the madness? Because the hubby's plans are usually always stored away in his head rarely coming out before the day of the actual execution of said plan. Perhaps he was telling me and I was in such denial that he would actually take on such a project the WEEK OF THE PARTY I was blocking it out!
Oh well - the house never looks better than the day you put it on the market, right?

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Art Project Girl said...

This post reminds me of my childhood. My father was a contractor and we always had something under "construction". When my mom was 9 months pregnant he decided to add an addition to our 6+ bedroom house (we only had 2 kids). She was sick and laying in bed to the sound of constant hammering when a construction boot came through her ceiling and sheetrock all over her face! "I'm okay!" the worker shouted down through the hole! One of many stories that usually happened around the holiday party time. Contractor husbands seem to have "perfect" timing!

By the way your house is beautiful and I love seeing the process of your work. The bar is sweet and your paint looks fabulous. Great idea for the pics. I'm sure we all wish our husbands could install crown molding!

It makes me feel better about all the little projects that I have undone. We've been working hard to get them done this holiday break. We just hung the doors to the bedrooms after we painted them (this summer!) in anticipation of inlaws coming to see the baby. Life's events will get you moving!

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