Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Holiday Break

Enjoying holiday break and using time to catch up. Looking to what I will be teaching in the new year and wrapping up lessons, grading and uploading to Artsonia. Boy, it is nice to have a little breather.
I had fun making recycled magazine ornaments with my 4th and 5th graders - not too many finished but it did put a little spark in them and show them what is possible from an old magazine. One student used the coils she made and added a yarn pom pom and added it to a gift ~ great idea!
I purchased the bird and sun from a fair trade booth at my school's Holiday Fundraiser. Then I made a handout of different shapes for students to follow. We used 1 inch magazine strips and folded them in half once then in half again. Pay attention to the color on the strip when folding to get the colors you want. Then I rolled that into a coil and glued the end with glue stick. Keep adding more strips to the coil until it is the right size for your design. Use a folded strip to create the outline shape when the coils are finished. When gluing the coils into the shape it is better to use liquid glue. I finished mine with a few coats of mod podge - to keep the coils from falling out in the middle and to give it some shine.

my finished birdie

a strip before coiling and coils of different sizes.
the box top with my in progress work and strips and templates for the kids.

template to size coils on and create outline

finished snowflake (hard to get the points!) Notice the all blue paper!

my Fave! I love the combo of tight and opened coils
these are the two I purchased that started the whole idea!
I saw more versions of this idea on Cut out & Keep like this one: Recycled Magazine Ornaments and Recycled Magazine Necklace. Fun site!!

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Ms. Julie's Place said...

Great stuff, glad to have found you!
This is basically the same idea as "quilling", and there is a ton of info on the net about designs to do with it. Though quilling uses small strip of paper, I think the designs could be easily adapted. I just ordered myself a kit from klutz books. Thanks for this adaptation of the idea! I will definitely use it in my class this new year. Hoping to get some new posts up on my blog sometime too!

Tisha Smith said...

This was so fun to read! In Oct. I saw a similar ornament in a magazine and decided that my students would make some to sell at our holiday program- to help raise $ for art supplies. WISH I'd seen your post back then! Let's just say that using 1" strips is much more brilliant than my idea! And we ended making wrapping paper b/c the ornaments were taking forever to make.
I've been saving my pics to post later & can't wait to post them and direct folks to your instructions for BETTER results:) thanks!!!

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