Monday, March 29, 2010

Showing My Own Work!

As part of our county wide art festival this year there is going to be a teacher show. I have been debating on what to frame. I really like some of the photos I took at my dad's last summer. What do you think? I usually take all these cool pics and they never leave my computer.

I took a lot of the old trucks maybe a triptych...

I have a couple weeks to ponder. Then I will rush at the last minute to get it done and framed! I wanted to show something that wasn't too old. I have some drawings from my 2D class in Grad school but they are a few years old now. Maybe I will do both - one photo and one drawing. I expecially like my 'shelf portrait' a still life of items that tell about me.

We'll see.

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Tisha Smith said...

I see Piglet! Yes, definitely submit shelf portrait too:)

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