Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catch Up weeks 3/15 & 3/22

Wow! how did two weeks go by already! Well now I am on Spring Break and can do a little catching up! Students have been finishing up projects left and right - ready to start some new ones after break - I need to get working on selecting work for our county art show in April.
5th grade finished their contour line plant drawings and have begun to add watercolor.
Here are some students hard at work. Notice the hair of the stduent on the left - it points to his artwork!

These are my demo samples:

4th grade finished coloring their Aztec sysmbols and will be ready to turn them into clay tiles.
3rd grade finished their collage masks based on greek gods.

2nd grade created pinch pots and decorated them with Native American designs.

1st grade started symmetrical butterflies which will be watercolored and sprinkled with magic pixy dust (salt)!
K is working on a lion drawing - they will paint the mane when we get back!
In addition to all of that I have a select few 5th graders coming in during their recess to work on a giant shoe for the art festival - which is Themed Art & Soul (sole)!

My 2D drawing elective class on Fridays for 4th and 5th graders has just one session left - I have tried to teach them a new technique or concept in each class and they could choose which they wanted to explore further in a final drawing. We did a value scale with Ebony pencil and pen & ink. We used tissue paper and Crayola mixing mediums to create a base spread in our sketchbooks and then did contour on top. This is an amazing 5th graders work (more on her later):

We practiced one point perspective. We reviewed the rules of facial proportions.

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nanke's stuff said...

I love seeing your students and what they're doing. You're an awesome teacher! nancy

organicsyes said...

Beautiful work! Can tell you love what you do:)

tishalou said...

Thanks! Yes I do love it!

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