Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Art Teachers on the River

All of the county buildings/schools are closed on Fridays in the summertime. So our camps only run from Mon-Thurs. On Friday we planned a nice little get together at one of the teacher's homes. She recently graduated from VCU and lives with her dad in Remington. http://www.remingtonva.org/ What an amazing place they have. It is right on the Rappahannock River and her dad is a real artist himself.

There entire property is filled with little gems and surprises all over the place. Windchimes, wire, stones, wood all purposely placed about the yard. I loved the staging table – where all the new finds seemed to be placed getting ready for where they will be wedged into the landscape.

Our crew consisted of 2 recently retired high school teachers, two current HS teachers – one our lead art teacher for the county and then two elementary teachers. We met rather early as it was already pretty hot and humid at 9AM!

Most set up and got to work painting. I brought all manner of drawing materials and started out sketching a nice overturned tree stump. I also took lots of pictures. I got started on a doodle technique from a book I just got called Zentangles. Check out the official site for it: http://www.zentangle.com/

So here are my creative endeavors: sketches, ATCs, zentangles, photos oh my!

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Snippety Gibbet said...

Okay. I see Fauqier County, Va. in your personal info. I'm up in Fairfax.

Art teacher retreat at the river? How heavenly. I'm taking a teacher friend or two to WV with me in a few weeks to chill in the mountains/country. While I hate that I am in essence wishing away my summer, I can't wait to go to my retreat weekend in WV! jan

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