Sunday, July 25, 2010

Happy Birthday to me...

Today is my last birthday... I am 39 :-)
Weekend recap:
Watched a combo of our 9U and 10U players play in a baseball tournament this weekend. They did not fare so well. Bailey did great (of course:).
 Funny sign at the field:

Still working on my master bath and purchased rugs, OMG can they be any more expensive?? ~ I also need some window treatments for the two small windows but that will have to wait for my summer camp paycheck!!

And of course I have been zentangling away. I made one for my hairdresser - I usually write her name all fancy on her tip envelop so I decided to make her a zentangle ATC instead:

I made it with the new Sharpie fine tipped pens I got this week. I also did some shopping for Bailey's birthday which is Wednesday 7/28. I need to go back to school so I stop shopping so much!
Here is another zentangle I finished last night. Not as happy with this one. I like the left side. maybe I just need to turn it a different way - turn your head for me.

And I finished a Gator's collage poster for the basement. For the previous 3 summers we followed the Fauquier Gators college woodbat baseball team. Local familes hosted the kids for the summer while they played. We had kids two years in a row from North Georgia College and one that was here both summers. Unfortunately they sold the team and it has left a big empty hole in our summer but I have lots of pictures and memories and friendships to get me through it. Bailey still calls them his brothers!
Bailey and I had some fun being goofy on the couch. Dad bought him a new flat brimmed Boston hat he is sportin'. I told him he could have it only if he didn't wear it sideways.

We are headed out to a yummy dinner at the new Longhorn steakhouse in Warrenton for my birthday - looks like the storm is brewing so we are going early. I hope the storm cools things off it has been sooooooooooo hot!

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Mini Matisse said...

You're cute! I love that the post title on this one is 'Happy Birthday to me". It looked like a good one:)

Snippety Gibbet said...

Fauquier?????? As in Fauquier County, Virginia???? jan

tishalou said...

Thanks, Mrs. Hahn!! And yes snippety gibbet - i am in warrenton

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