Monday, July 5, 2010

Dem Bones - Day 3 and 4

Day 3 was the field trip! We got on the bus at Brumfield and then went to pick up the group at Ritchie - we had to sit several students 3 to a seat because the camps were a bit larger than expected! Student had their sketchbooks and had a few places where we would spread out and draw. This was a popular spot:

Here is the sketch from the student I had identified as GT this year. She was in the other camp - as most of my students were...

I had fun visiting the Brian Jungen exhibit for the third time - mostly seeing the students reaction to it. Here is The Prince my fave from my sketchbook:

A parent that went with us took pictures and burned them on a CD for everyone to take - too cool! THANKS!!
The art teachers in our too cool bones t-shirts. Good idea Jess!
Mrs. Stone (Coleman), Mrs. Hill (Ritchie), Me (Greenville), Ms. Beach (Brumfield)
Team Ritchie on the left and Team Brumfield on the right!

The whole crew in front of the American Indian Museum

Day 4 was our final day in camp so it was finish it all up day! We printed their skeleton collographs, connected their wire tot heir boxes, finished painting their caleveras and added some glitter touches to them.
We met with each student and discussed their work and which piece we were going to keep for the County Art Festival in the spring. They also filled out a questionnaire - just to get some feedback on what they liked, what they didn't and to make sure they had a good time. I will have to quote some of them - we enjoyed reading over them after everyone had been picked up!
Here are some highlights of the student work:

This week is two days of grading and rubric development. Then next week is the Middle School Summer Camp at Kettle Run HS. We are going to make pinhole cameras - it should be great!

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