Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dem Bones ~ Day 2

Since the first day we spent most of the time in the classroom we decided to change it up a bit for day 2. We started by choosing a bone from the still life and taking it outside. Put your bone in the landscape and draw what is around it. So we found some shade and got to work. I could not believe it - 20 kids in a fairly small area - and they were SILENT for over 30 minutes drawing. Here are some shots of the students and their work:
Love to see them using techniques we teach!
completed drawings - wish we had time to push these even further getting them to add darker blacks and more greys!!

last one is mine
I cropped a little bit - most needed work on their composition. Just a reminder though - these students are only 10/11 years old!

Next we talked about aboriginal dot and xray painting and students decorated a box - their wire animal sculpture will adorn the top.

The main part we added to spice it up a bit for the afternoon was Día de los Muertos Caleveras! I showed a power point on some modern day versions and we are going to have them make it large and paint them!

Students listed 10 facts about themselves and added a symbol to go with it - and they will use those symbols to incorporate into their skull! I cannot wait to see these completed tomorrow!

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