Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Dem Bones ~ Art Summer Camp

Finished Day 2 of Art summer camp today! I feel like it is Friday already. We have twenty students with two elementary art teachers. I am enjoying working with a new colleague.
Day One was a still life of some amazing animal bones.

Then we had the students create the tones using white and black charcoal sticks. We put some dramatic lighting on the bones to help them see the whites and blacks better. I really enjoyed working on mine too - but of course the life of an art teacher - you get 5 samples started and never finish one of them! I need to sit diwn and create like this more often (and finish)!
this is mine:
Student Work Below is Awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Students also worked in a sketchbook to develop ideas for a wire sculpture. They created their favorite animal - then sketched a 'best guess' of the skeleton of the animal.
Loved this one: I am pretty sure this is how it might look, maybe!

We decided after day one that the students were a little bored, as we were with the bones already. The curriculum is developed by the art teachers that will teach the camps. I wish I wasn't so burnt out from the end of the year to put some better input into it. We were struggling a bit with what we had to work with at the end of the first day.  So we came in on day two with some additional ideas we thought would keep the kids energized and producing throughout the day. Pics of those works to come...

Tomorrow we will be taking them with a camp happening at another school across the county to DC. 40 students, 4 art teachers and 2 parents...
We are going to see bones of course - at the American Museum of Natural History and the Brian Jungen show at National Museum of the American Indian.

Should be fun!!

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Stephanie said...

awesome art from all of you! too bad you don't have a couple volunteers with artistic ability to help out with the kiddos! breaking down into groups of 4 and getting so cooperative arts done is fun too! The museum should be a blast, BUT again you know you have to keep them energized to keep them focused. have fun and enjoy your campers!

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