Monday, June 7, 2010

Winding Down... the rabbit hole

It is my last full week of school. I am getting all the student's portfolios in order and making sure all clay projects are caught up and trying not to run the kiln again but of course because a third of a class missed glazing day due to SOL's I am going to have to let them glaze!
I had a little 'moment' on Friday - you know those moments that make it all worth it... My classroom is right next to the SPED room which at times can be quite disruptive but other times can create moments like this...
One student who is autistic - and proud of it... he wears some of the best autism awareness shirts. He loves art and gets fixated on certain artists or artwork. At the beginning of the year it was Degas' dancer which I have a small replica of in my room. This came from him watching Night at The Museum 2. Then he was into the movie UP! and created houses and drawings from it. Now he is big on Alice in Wonderland. I have not seen the new release yet but apparently this is what Alice sees when she falls down the rabbit hole. I came out into the hallway after all my classes on Friday and found him hanging this - and still adding to it:
The one part that is in blue ink - the person in the frame on the second image - that's me! I felt honored to be added to his masterpiece.

His teachers invited me in to the classroom to see what else he had done and I saw this! His use of perspective was blowing me away! Check out the little door in the lower right corner.

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Beverley Baird said...

You're right - it is moments like this that make it all worth while! Love his artwork!
My class went through the gr. 3 Ontario assessment last week and I decided to haevan art afternoon. I decied to bring in something I love to do - crating ATCs. the kids loved it! We all created, then swapped cards. We had a great time.

snibblebitzing said...

What an amazing opportunity for this young man to share his thoughts with others! What a great honor for you to not only be invited to share in viewing the pieces, but also being included in them. As a teacher myself, I can relate to your blissful moment. It is why we do what we do!

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