Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Faerie Houses

Way back when I wrote about a site where I found some inspiration for a clay project.
I finally taught the lesson to my 3D 4th and 5th grade elective class and had some great results. I enjoyed making a sample and may have to make it my new signature gift item.
Here is my sample:

window with shutters
round window with inscribed swirls
rounded top window
It is a simple pinch pot with windows. I made three small holes around the top and made a cone out of 36 gauge sheet copper for the roof - the kind I use to teach repousse. The kids LOVED it and the students who took my 3D class 1st quarter were mad they didn't get to make them. Here are some of the student's work:

This is a good student sample - you can tell she looked closely at my sample. We used twisteez wire to attach the roof and I gave them the option to add beads to the hanger.
I had some other softer metalic sheets that were colored. They were a bit too soft though - I think something in between the two would work best.

This one looked like a nice votive holder before she put the roof on. Her windows were heart shaped.
I am debating on making this a 5th grade project - it was tough to get the roofs on so it would be hard to help an full class - I need to work on a better was to attach them. Suggestions?
I want to make some more!

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