Thursday, September 23, 2010

Art Teacher Workshop Revitalizes!

I must say I have had a very blah week and have been just trudging through ~ you know you have them once in a while! Today I went to a Teacher workshop on simple book making and it was great. Being in a room with other teachers learning and creating!
Here is what I made in just 2 hours:
Here is the star book ~ Which I already knew how to make and posted a how to on it here.

Then we used a few techniques of using one page and cutting in a select spot then folding to make a book. This one is made out of a wallpaper sample:

This one is also a single piece of paper - with a cover and ribbon ties:



Next was a hole punched book with a simple stitched binding with buttons and beads added.
TGIF ~ I have a fairly easy schedule on Fridays (shh don't tell anyone.) And I get to teach my Art Photo Elective! Will share more about the book making later ~ wanted to show off my productivity before going to bed!

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Phyl said...

I love your books, especially the one with the beaded decoration.(I like anything that uses beads!) I'd love to attend a class like this. Unfortunately, it's tough to find in my neck of the woods. Thanks for sharing!

organicsyes said... wonderful to experience being with others of like minds:)

The Creative Journey said...

Love the books. I really like the star and will try it soon. Thanks so much for listing me on your blog! I am trying to build a following and it is nice to see other art teachers supporting me. Would love to hear about your photography class!

iHanna said...

Isn't book making fun? Your books are very cute, I like your colour choices!

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