Thursday, September 2, 2010

Portfolios ~ 2nd Grade

I was inspired by the portfolios on Teach Kids Art this year. For 2nd grade we read Matthew's Dream by Leo Lionni. We looked at the paintings that Matthew did and discussed the difference between geometric and organic shapes. After students wrote their name and code in the right corner, they were to draw a large rectangle right inside the edges of the portfolio. This was their frame and they decorated it to look like a gold frame you'd find in a museum. Then they made a few swirly lines going through the frame. This made lots of organic shapes which they filled in with crayon. We talked about different ways to use the crayon to get textures and other effects. Using pressure to get light and dark colors, using the non point side of the crayon to rock back and forth and make circles, using the side of a crayon with no paper. They were to try using the crayons in a new way.

I likes the ones that used a darker color for the outlines, they remind me of stained glass.

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