Saturday, September 18, 2010

Friday Electives ~ off and running!

Friday Electives started yesterday. I managed to get 225 students scheduled into 4 classes, 1 for each quarter, with minimal mistakes. I even only had 3 parent complaints concerns.
I ended up with 18 students in my Art Photography class. I think there was a lot of confusion as to what the class was - most kids said I signed up for Digital Photo not Art Photo! We had fun so I think everyone is happy!
Students had to work in pairs - we have 9 school digital cameras for them to use. I told them and showed examples of using an interesting point of view (from above or from below) and the rule of thirds. The cameras actually have a rule of thirds grid you can turn on and off on the screen - I am so glad I found it too because I was going to make the grids out of transparency and tape them to the back.
I had to run out after school and only took 3 cameras with me to download but here are a few good ones. I love it when their work shows evidence that they actually heard me!! I am still debating where I want to go with this class. We are limited in terms of editing software - so I may have them make a nice portfolio in Power Point with their images as a final project.
I can't wait to download the rest...

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