Monday, March 29, 2010

Showing My Own Work!

As part of our county wide art festival this year there is going to be a teacher show. I have been debating on what to frame. I really like some of the photos I took at my dad's last summer. What do you think? I usually take all these cool pics and they never leave my computer.

I took a lot of the old trucks maybe a triptych...

I have a couple weeks to ponder. Then I will rush at the last minute to get it done and framed! I wanted to show something that wasn't too old. I have some drawings from my 2D class in Grad school but they are a few years old now. Maybe I will do both - one photo and one drawing. I expecially like my 'shelf portrait' a still life of items that tell about me.

We'll see.

Saturday, March 27, 2010

Catch Up weeks 3/15 & 3/22

Wow! how did two weeks go by already! Well now I am on Spring Break and can do a little catching up! Students have been finishing up projects left and right - ready to start some new ones after break - I need to get working on selecting work for our county art show in April.
5th grade finished their contour line plant drawings and have begun to add watercolor.
Here are some students hard at work. Notice the hair of the stduent on the left - it points to his artwork!

These are my demo samples:

4th grade finished coloring their Aztec sysmbols and will be ready to turn them into clay tiles.
3rd grade finished their collage masks based on greek gods.

2nd grade created pinch pots and decorated them with Native American designs.

1st grade started symmetrical butterflies which will be watercolored and sprinkled with magic pixy dust (salt)!
K is working on a lion drawing - they will paint the mane when we get back!
In addition to all of that I have a select few 5th graders coming in during their recess to work on a giant shoe for the art festival - which is Themed Art & Soul (sole)!

My 2D drawing elective class on Fridays for 4th and 5th graders has just one session left - I have tried to teach them a new technique or concept in each class and they could choose which they wanted to explore further in a final drawing. We did a value scale with Ebony pencil and pen & ink. We used tissue paper and Crayola mixing mediums to create a base spread in our sketchbooks and then did contour on top. This is an amazing 5th graders work (more on her later):

We practiced one point perspective. We reviewed the rules of facial proportions.

Saturday, March 13, 2010

Contour Line Drawing!

I have started Contour line drawing with my 5th grade. I LOVE contour line. I am excited about the lesson this year because they have already been exposed to contour in a lesson I taught last year where they did their hands (standard contour warm up) and then their shoes. 5th grade does plants - this year they are using Sharpies and Marvey Le Pens. It should make a nice variation with the thick and thin lines. Here is a test drawing I did to see how much the LePen would run with water over it. The student's contour plant drawings are finished with watercolor. I also got a shot of one of my student's warm ups - I love how she combined the two pens and also included her bracelets.

Thursday, March 11, 2010

My Story

My story is procrastination. I wait until I have no other choice but to do it. I have always been this way - assignments at school, projects in college. I always said it was I did not have the motivation or get good ideas until I HAD to, the truth is I would finally just settle for good enough because I had no time left. My ideas are always much more grandious. Maybe it is just a matter of lowering my expectations.

Like today I am finally sewing the eyes on the penguin I made for my mother's birthday. She lives on the opposite coast so I have to factor in mailing time, the penguin has been complete since February and I was so proud to be thinking ahead and getting it done early!

Now a week later I am finally back to finishing up this post that has been sitting in draft mode for several days. Like Leah's recent post said the theme has been floating in my head since I saw it posted. Stories. My first thought goes to my godmother. (again) She always called her soap operas - stories. It was great when Nikki and Victor were fighting or back together again and she would get frustrated with them and say, "these damn stories" and click off the tv! Another good one from my childhood was the corn up the nose story - one my mother loved to tell and a suggestion I have actually given out before. I had corn up my nose - and not being able to reach it any other way my mother sucked it out with a straw! He favorite part to tell of course was - we hadn't had corn to eat for about a week! I guess I am luck a stalk did not grow from it! Ah stories - gotta luv em....
Here is the penguin - well on his was to Washington State.