Thursday, February 17, 2011

In my room...

A little update of what is going on in my room:
5th grade gargoyles are almost ready to be fired - one more class needs to finish.

4th grade - elongated portraits a la Modigliani. Adapted from Kathy's blog Art Projects for Kids They are adding a textured tissue paper background with mod podge.

3rd grade - not all classes are on the same day of the lesson thanks to these funky snow days but they are all enjoying painting hearts and learning about Jim Dine and Pop Art.

2nd grade is printing their Styrofoam plates to make some great radial symmetry designs. Inspired by the this lesson from Art. Paper. Scissors. Glue! They are turning out great but I have found that I need to print with them in small groups or it is a disaster. I have four kids around the back table and ink the plate for them and then they line it up on their paper.
Preparing the plate - tracing the design into the styrofoam.
Lining up the last print

Waiting for me to ink their plate.

1st grade are making an aboriginal dot painting on 'bark.'

Kindergarten is taking a little break from art and PE while they rehearse for their big music performance next week.