Sunday, July 10, 2011

Summer Art Camp ~ SPLAT!

Once again I taught our county's summer art program. We offer this program as a way to serve our gifted population. Teachers have to submit their recommendations to our county office and these students will get an invite to register for summer art camp.
We get together with our lead art teacher and the other teachers that will be teaching the camp to create the curriculum. This year our theme was "Splat!" We focused a lot on Dale Chihuly's work thanks to all the great ideas from Mr. E and his district after they had a large Chihuly show in Nashville.
On Day one we had fun decorating lots of paper. We marbleized with shaving cream, made paste papers and added texture with combs, and made bubble prints. Then we learned how to zentangle and added designs to some of our papers we made. We tie dyed shirts and zentangles on them too!!
We watched a YouTube video about Chihuly and we painted with ice cubes and powdered tempera and we also added chalk pastels. This is a great video showing him painting we only watched 5:06 until he end. The best quote "If it starts to feel like work then I will stop."
Here are the ice cube tempra/chalk  paintings:

We made Chihuly inspired sculptures using coffee filters and water bottles.

We used left over tie dye to get these great saturated colors!

We zentangled all week and introduced Lichtenstein for a portrait painting.

The students enjoyed doing a 'blind' zentangle with a white crayon and then used watercolor to make it show up.

Students mounted their favorite ones:

Students had a great time! I also used several of the ideas we did for this camp in another camp I did at a private art camp studio called Tagaloo. My first camp was called Doodlemania 8 of the 10 campers were my students. I start another one tomorrow called Dive into Art with an underwater theme! I have 13 campers at least half are my students!! Great extra money and keeping me busy!!

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Mr. E said...

so glad that the Chihuly lessons continue on!!!!! So fun!!!!!! I hope you are well my far away arty friend!

Chesterbrook Academy Elementary said...

I love the ice cube tempera/chalk painting project.
The colors and lines are beautiful.

Shraddha Sharma said...

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