Saturday, November 2, 2013

VAEA 2013 ~ Electives! In Elementary

I just attended the VAEA 2013 Professional Development Conference in Falls Church. It was only about 45 minutes away but I was able to get my school to pay for the registration and a hotel for two nights. I roomed with 2 other art teachers from Fauquier and we always have a great time together as well as learn a lot from each other! Seven teachers from my county attended.

It is always great to catch up with the professors and fellow students from the MAT program at George Mason too! It is like a built in support systems to see them at my session as well as attend theirs.

I know embarrassingly, I have not posted here for a year, but frankly every time I tried to sign in I could not figure out how to edit my blog since everything on Google changed! This time I was determined to make it in!

I wanted to share my resources with the wonderful educators who attended my session!

First, there were a few blog posts from when I taught the electives class.

Then here is my Power Point Presentation - it was a bit large to email.

Please let me know if you have any questions about the information.