Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving!

We had to go to school Monday and Tuesday. I had a full schedule on Monday but no Kindergarten or 1st grade on Tuesday. So I needed a simple and fun holiday lesson for K, 1st, 2nd and 3rd. 5th is still working on their Day of the Dead skulls, I know bad timing and their performance messed the timing up even more, but I am pushing through because some of them are looking really great! 4th grade is finishing up their mandalas, they should need one more class.
So in browsing my favorite blogs I used a combo of Mrs. Hahn's Countdown Turkeys and Ms. Art Teacher's post Lesson for week before thanksgiving to create a cute turkey lesson that was easy, low prep, and used up some of the MANY tp rolls I have stored.
I limited the feathers to 3 concentric circles and I cut squares of different colors and put templates for the circles on each table. They decorated the tube with the turkey face in markers and I stapled the tube to the circles so it stands up on its own.
It was fun - I tried to get more out of them than just "I am thankful for my family" I did get a few that were thankful for art class and Mrs. Burke and school.

All three of these say family. You can see the squares set up on the counter in the background.

This one has an awesome turkey drawing.

Awww! My sample said Mrs. Burke is thankful for great students! and I sure am!
Here is a cutie leaving at bus call - he made this in his classroom.

Hope everyone has a great and relaxing holiday.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Seattle Bound

It is official! I have some funding from my school and I just officially registered to attend the National Art Education Convention in Seattle, Washington.

I am really excited about attending:
  1. This will be the first National Convention I have been able to attend since Grad school. I went to Boston in 05, Chicago in 06 and New York in 07. George Mason helped pay for those travels.
  2. I live in Virginia and my Mom, step dad and my sister and her family live in Kirkland, WA.
  3. My mom turns 60 on March 12th. I surprised her in Washington on her 50th 10 years ago so it is kind of a tradition! 
  4. I miss my family (my nieces especially) and look forward to seeing them! 
  5. I love getting new ideas and new perspectives on Art Ed. 
  6. Signed up for a Chihuly tour! 
  7. Will I get to meet any of my blogger buddies?? 
So I will have two nights in the convention hotel and the rest either at my mom or my sister's. I have already lined up a good sub and will work with him on some lessons - he already teaches a graphic design elective for me so I know he will be great and I won't have to worry about my students missing out on any learning!

So are any of you out there going?? Let me know!

Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thanks Mr. E!!


Well I FINALLY got around to hanging the beautiful bulletin board pieces that Mr. E made me! I won the contest he posted.
I got a sneak preview when he posted what he had made - I was so giddy!
Then I was even giddier and the ladies in the office were also when I received this awesome package in the mail:

I put the items in to get laminated ~ then they sat on my shelf for too long. You know how it is new lessons write, paper to cut, paint to put into containers, brushes to wash. My son has been taking Tae Kwon Do which is early on three days a week so we leave quickly after school - which has actually been nice! My husband picked him up on Wednesday so I stayed to hang my board! Here it is:

Click on the pic to see it larger.
I am hesitant to laminate it all together - with it being in pieces I will be able to pick and choose which parts I need and could even use it for other things down the road.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Top Art Teacher Blogs, South Region

Top Art Teacher Blogs, South Region
I made the list, too!

I see a lot of my blogger friends posting that they got an email about making the list of Top Art Teacher Blogs, South Region from the Teacher Salary Website. Well I didn't get the email - maybe it is lost in junk mail filter land... but I am on the list!

It is definately a good list - and looking forward to following the new ones I didn't know about!