Monday, October 4, 2010

Fundraiser Lessons - 1st Grade

Y Tree with a Family Story

We talk about the four seasons and what a tree looks like in each of those seasons. We talk about the difference between evergreen and deciduous trees. (Virginia Standards of Learning for first grade Science 1.4 Life Processes).

I show them how to make a tree using the letter Y. I pass out practice paper and black crayons and students follow the steps with me as I make a Y tree. I will show them how to make a tree in each of the four seasons by adding details.
Next class we read the book, “A Tree is Nice” by Janice May Udry. The story talks about how nice a tree is in all the different seasons. Students begin their tree drawings with the ground that the tree will grow from, and they continue with oil pastels to complete their picture.

Next class they come in to complete their tree stories. I remind them to fill in all the peek-a-boo spots so their coloring is nice and solid. For the final touch we use white to make clouds in the sky. Then they pick from several colors to paint their sky with watercolor. Even though they did it last year on their dream houses, they still think it is magic when their clouds appear in the sky.

Last year's Y Trees on Artsonia

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