Monday, October 4, 2010

Fundraiser Lessons - Kindergarten

Dream House Using Shapes

First we talk about shapes. I describe each shape and see if students can guess which one I am talking about. I have big laminated shapes with a magnet on the back that I put on my white board as the students guess them. I throw in one harder one - Trapezoid - to see if they get it - sometimes they do!

Once all the shapes are on the board I move them all around and make different things with them. To show them how simple shapes put together in different ways can make anything! Students practice each shape and then if there is time they can take the shapes, combine to make anything in their drawing.
Next class - students sit together and we read "The Big Orange Splot" by Daniel Pinkwater (LOVE HIM). It is the story of a man who gets orange paint dropped on his house and instead of returning it to it's original look to keep a 'neat street' he paints it like all of his dreams! One by one each neighbor is sent to convince him to change it back but instead they also change their house to look like all of their dreams. I like it because it talks about being original and not fitting in with everyone or everything else.
After the story I review that combining simple shapes can make their dream house. They use oil pastels to create their drawing and I talk about filling in solid with no peek-a-boo spots. For a final touch we add white clouds to the sky - then paint the sky with watercolor. Students love the magic when their clouds appear.
Here are some examples...

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