Saturday, October 16, 2010

Fundraiser Lessons - 3rd Grade

Self Portraits

I have the third graders create a head and shoulders self portrait - the way they currently know how to. This way I can see what they already know and how cartoon-y or anime-y they draw people. I get a wide range of abilities like these:

Then we do a practice sketch where we use the guidelines on the oval. We look at self portraits by VanGogh and Frida Khalo and measure to see if they used the guidelines. We work together through these steps - this is just a practice so no pressure...
  1. create the oval
  2. divide the oval in half vertically and horizontally
  3. Measure on ourselves and on Vinny and Frida to determine that our eyes are in the middle of the oval
  4. Discuss how the face is 5 eyes wide - we measure on ourselves
  5. Put a football shape right in the middle of our oval - create two more footballs on equally on either side. We know that the eyes will be the 2nd and 4th football, erase the other 3.
  6.  Divide the space from the chin to the middle in half, create a guideline. This is where our nose will rest.
  7. Below the nose make a spread out M for the top lip - the width of the mouth should go to the middle of the eyes. Create the bottom lip.
  8. Measure on ourselves how the top of the ear lines up with the eye and the bottom of the ear with the bottom of the nose. Create ears that go from the middle guideline to the bottom guideline.
  9. Divide the top of the head to the middle in half - this is the hairline. Stress that hair does not just grow out of the top of our head - it grows all the way around and on our forehead.
  10. We turn the paper over and do a close up of an eye with detail and then add the detailed eyes on the sketch.
  11. After practicing once we more on to the final paper - go over lightly sketching in the guidelines and then students use mirrors to make it look like them.
Once their sketches are complete I demo how to blend with the oil pastels and we do the flesh tones first. They choose a shadow color and a main color and work with them to build up the face. Next we talk about how to color the eyes using a main color and a highlight color. It takes them about 3-40 minute classes to finish the coloring.
Here are some side by side comparisons and one exceptional example from last year - he almost won the whole art festival...



 And this beauty was from last year:

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Jodibobo said...

These are awesome!

Phyl said...

Nice! I do portraits too, usually later in the wintertime, using similar guidelines, but not for the fundraiser. I like your idea of comparing with Vinnie and Frida. I'm amazed that you can pull this project off, with all the preparatory drawing, in time to get it done by fundraiser deadline, and that you are successful coloring them with oil pastels on that teeny fundraiser paper! (for those who don't know, I believe it's 8-1/2" by 10-1/2").

Fine Lines said...

Matthew's is pretty remarkable!!

Lori- said...

They are great. Thanks for sharing your site with us!

Diary of a Social ART-tivist Mommy said...

great idea!! they are miles from one are great!!!. do you have e-mail feedburner service?


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